Sunday, 16 June 2013

FIFA 08 Patch FIFA 08 Season 12-13 by VNZ Modding Team!

FIFA 08 Patch Patch Season 12-13 is created on VNZ FIFA 08 Modding Team. Speaking of the team but is also its only 2 people (thehbk) and ngoctiencd. But k therefore less attractive patch. The following are new features in this version:
-Update transfer of 5 tournaments leading & one of the other big teams on 1-9-2012
- Add some new teams as Anzhi, Zenit, Shanghai Body States
- Add UEFA Euro 2012 tournament with the new point:
+ Updated full squad of 16 team tournament
+ New Balls: Tango 12
Full Kits & MINIKIT + to 16 teams
- Update 1 squad of other national team such as Brazil, Japan, ...
- Gameplay entirely new, with features:
+ Improved player movement
+ Goalkeepers faster response
+ Improved fighting situations 1 1
+ The ball shot now become more realistic. Touching the ball well & good shot will force can create one masterpiece!
+ The phase dribbling technique also improves DC
+ Speed, skill players also significantly affect the shot ball
+ CPU will take advantage of when you lose the ball effectively & Fan reaction
Effects of physical + shadow completely new (heavier ball, bouncing higher, ..)
+ CPU & poly cotton floss more effectively
+ Improved game difficult for
+ Gameplay smoother & faster
+ Passing situations & DC also improved wing attacks
+ CPU striker becomes dangerous & more effective in the finish
- New Intro
- New Logo
- New Kits & minikits
- New Faces & minifaces
- Add some new songs: What makes you beautiful, One Thing, New Divide, Payphone, ....
- Add effects 3d grass (ok this effect, where k must be true)
- Fans will be waving flags on and off stage
- Add 1 of the new stadium & pitch remove faulty in some previous
- Completely new interface
- New Football 12-13 season
- Add 1 new donors
- Integrate all patches & bug fixes from the previous version, including Commentary Patch (This patch now h also improved by adding DC to 1 of 1 comments some of the new players)
- Fix almost all the errors from the previous version!

 1. The game patch (required to install the original FIFA 08) 
1.46gb patch
* Installation Guide: Download the file 7 depleted, put them into one folder, then run the Patch FIFA 08 FIFA 08 Season 12-13 by VNZ Modding Team.exe to proceed with the installation.

 *Net framework 2.0 required

Full game plus patch
To play the full version of this DC, the reg file you downloaded and run it on the DC (this is important)!

* Note: Once you have installed this version, then you need to make the step k ​​del file to play the game. All you have to do is install, run the reg file and play games! Another note is that this version does not include the fix below to download the fix again remember okay!

inquiries can read the FAQ in post 2 below!
For preview see this video


  1. I have downloaded all 14 discs from mediafire and when I install it,it just fills like 3 bars(the thingy that shows the progress of installation) then it says it has installed successfully but the fifa 13 trailer is the only thing that has changed,the game remains the same.I even ran the reg file but no success in installing the patch.I have windows xp sp3 as my os and the read me file doesnt list it as asupported os,I wonder if thats it.

  2. How to install Disk2-14??
    Please help me..

    1. install in fifa 07 07 directory
      or else download full game + patch

    2. its .vnz
      How to extract/install??

    You probably need MORE coins!
    Check out FUT Millionaire.


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