Thursday, 25 July 2013

A2 Studios International Cricket 2013 (Cricket 13)

Hello A2 Studio And Spatchers Fans,
We hereby announce another Patch for our fans, that is International Cricket 2013 Patch for our die hard gaming fans of EA Sports Cricket 2007. This Patch will be total revolution in Cricket 2007 History, with accurate kits, Bats, faces, roster, stadiums, pitchads, stumps, music etc. More Information regarding this will be revealed soon. Many of our fans complaint us about not including updated stadiums in International Cricket 2012 Patch, so we are here to announce that this edition of IC-13 Patch will have all new stadiums for (ODI/Tests) for each country. Moreover this Patch will be in one EXE file, unlike other recently done patches by our team. So it will be a cracker of a Patch. It's sure will be a mouthwatering prospect. ;)

The Patch information and release date will be announced soon after Champions League Patch. For more info follow us at 

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