Monday, 1 July 2013

Patch PES6 2014

Patch include:
  • PES2014 PS2 interface
  • I had to redo the style e_text PES 14
  • I used to add the Scoreboard of hoanganhquang89 in this Patch PES 2013 Saborio and Radar
  • Sound background music, sound, sound like standard ball PES2014 PS2
  • 0_shoud add sound Poof Poof ball, had to add Goal Sound (of a bro on Evo-Web), that is, when the enemy shoots you or vice versa, then a piece of music will resound as in the stadium, colorful crowd, referee shirt, TA text font to ...
  • Comment by doctors Vietnamese Ben meaning Vet_cdxd update
  • Stadium: stadium was updated 35 delicious peach twigs, nice and light
  • Winter transfer players for server Pes6j (make by Three Melons pes-group online on the face) 
    CNMD update teams: 
    Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester, MC, Newcastle, QPR, Stoke, Swansea, Tot, AC milan , Roma, Inter, Juventus, Napoli, Lazio, Beyer Munich, Dortmund, Real, Barca, Aletico Madrid, Malaga, PSG.
  • Update complete everything from uni, face, hair, boot, chant in 0_sound, winter transfer market ..., generally the latest update to date 4-5-2013
  • I did add playlists 0_sound Viet Nam instead of Egyptian music list: List of songs: unknow_00054 - Trot yeu - Big Daddyunknow_00055 - in his thunderbolt - Mr.Siro unknow_00056 - when we have each other tenderly - The Men unknow_00057 - letting go silent - Ung Hoang Phuc unknow_00058 - Lonely Star - LK ft. PA & JustaTee unknow_00059 - someone - JustaTeeunknow_00060 - time will tell - Tien Cookie ft. Big Daddy & JustaTee unknow_00061 - Nang Mai Ve - yanbi unknow_00062 - Tan Go - Anna Truong unknow_00063 - Emotions - Kimmese ft. Maximus Antoneus unknow_00064 - they seem too impersonal - Ung Dai Ve unknow_00065 - Give me a chance - LK unknow_00066 - I bought through - M-TP unknow_00067 - the girl I can not forget - Mr. Siro unknow_00068 - Eternal Life - Kondor

  • Super Star OF mode ultra-intelligent AI ^ _ ^
  • Most importantly, as the PS2 OF Index winter transfer update 12-13



Stone Guide Offline:

--- Copy file KONAMI in C: \ Users \ Subin \ Documents
--- Running file REG.SETUP for Win 32bit or 64bit Win depending on your computer -> OK 2 times! 
--- -Run the file SETTING adjustments Full Screen - 1024x768 - keyboard buttons change ---------- For the times that you have not installed PES6 How to install ne: -------- first create one folder known as Pro Evolution Soccer 6 -------- folder in Pro Evolution Soccer 6 you down and sort these items as follows: ------- in the folder dat you down these items: - ----- inkitserver folder you created 2 is dat & GDB ------- folder dat of kitserver you down 3 this: ------- in GDB 's kitserver you create 6 folder named: ------ folder Online to Play PES6 Online on your ad Pes6j the file hosts on drive C \ Windows \ System32 \ drivers \ etc , install PES6JLauncher14_Full_setup ------- Folder KONAMI thrown very Docs ------- Run the [Tool] Reg_PES6 to install PES6 ---> OK 2 times as finished ------- Finally, run the PES6.exe to feel! Enjoy: Good you success!

Kick Online:


Stone Guide Online:


--- Copy file hosts in Pro Evolution Soccer 6 \ Online Go to the directory C: \ WINDOWS \ system32 \ drivers \ etc
--- Copy flie unknow_00535.flg & unknow_00536.flg in Pro Evolution Soccer 6 \ Online \ Logo Online folder Pro Evolution Soccer 6 \ kitserver \ dat \ 0_text.afs
NOTE: Only for online ice time only, also for kicking off the 2 files to delete this out, it is not wrong logo! 
--- Running file PES6JLauncher14_Full_setup in Pro Evolution Soccer 6 \ Online (note: Air Net Frame Work to install 4) --- Visit pes6j . 1 net and take account registration. --- Once installed, run the PES6JLauncher, filling a registered account at this time and log on. Configuration files contain PES6 arrive and Play --- In the game select the Network section, enter password, then enter at whatever. offline Me in Asia, Vietnam focus here. Pes6j Server DOWNLOAD NOW: A single LINK: https: / / / redir? Resi ... 1DDA9561A1! 113 Ae should first establish a SkyDrive account, which is very convenient, fast up the files that download quickly and not worry that the deleted files (Microsoft's SkyDrive offline )! We have them MF it clear how much of your important files should h consistently! IDM k it started only link in Chrome, Firefox vs IE ae move that down! Stadium stadium always update ...... Update 30 HD __champion_league_2013


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